armacost car museum, johnson co. arts and heritage center

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 8:30am to 2pm; $57 per person, includes museum admissions, lunch, and transportation

If you had the resources to showcase your own expansive collection of cars, trucks, and memorabilia, you would probably construct a beautiful facility like the Armacost Car Museum. This is a private enterprise, featuring mostly Studebakers, but a few Caddies can be found. The collection is displayed on two levels. You’ll feel a real 50’s vibe as you explore the old fillin’ station and diner housed inside.

Yes, a Studebaker truck!

After lunch, it’s back on the bus for a quick ride to the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center. The good folks in Johnson Co. Kansas, your host county, have transformed what once was a bowling alley into a first-class historical venue. Here you’ll learn the story of JoCo from the sod busters to the sub-urbanites. Of particular interest is the all-electric 1950s home which resides, just as it was built, inside the museum. Check out the kitchen’s pink Formica counter tops, Boomer!

Anyone need more Tang?

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