Bill Anderson, Kade Chessman, and Eddie Bibb represent three generations of Cadillac Judges.

Considering being a Grand National Judge? Don’t hesitate. It’s fun and easy. There are lots of benefits. You’ll work with a crack team of Cadillac experts, and get up close and personal with some great cars. In addition to the camaraderie, you’ll also learn what judges look for when they examine a car. You can use this knowledge to prepare your own car for judging, and to help with restoration.

All Club Members who wish to judge at the Grand National are required to attend the Judging Seminar Friday June 12th at 3pm. If you neglected to sign up on your registration form, Contact Bill Anderson, and let him know you plan to judge. rivsrgr8@aol.com.

Of course, you’ll want to attend the Judges Workshop in Kansas City April 25th. Space is limited! Click here for more info.

Sign me up for the Judges Workshop!

Don’t forget about the free stuff!

  • Hats, pins, and other judges gifts.
  • Judges Breakfast is free to you, as well as a box lunch, snacks and refreshments!
  • On this page you’ll find the resources you’ll need to access the up-to-date judging manual in pdf form, or order a spiral-bound hard copy.

2019 CLC Judging Manual in pdf form

Order your Judging Manual in hard copy now!

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