We offer three seminars Wednesday afternoon June 10th. This year’s motto: No boring seminars.

Clocks and Speedometers Demystified

Join Kansas City Cadillac Club Member Craig Wood for a journey through time and space as he dissects the inner workings of your Cadillac’s most mysterious appliances. Speed up time, roll back the miles, anything is possible once you gleaned the knowledge from this master of the dashboard universe.

Tips, Hacks, and Cadillacs

Join ASE Master Technicians John Hoagland and Tom Keegan for a lively discussion on those little nuances of Cadillac maintenance not found in the shop manual. How do you keep your hubcaps and fender skirts attached? What wrong tool do you use for the right job? Share your experience, and learn a new trick or two.

Cadillac Styling 1940 to 1970

Craig Wood took a breather, but he’s back with a particularly one-sided discussion of post-war Cadillac design. We think Craig was born with opinions, so come listen to what he has to say, and bring your arguments.

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