Tours and activities

Tours are the heart of any Grand National, and we’ve assembled a great line up of entertaining and educational excursions for you. We are rightfully proud of our Cow Town, and look forward to sharing it with you. As you consider options, remember your comfort and convenience are of paramount importance to us. To this end, we have worked to keep travel distances to a minimum. Relax in your luxury 50-passenger coach. We pledge to have you back at the hotel on time for evening activities.

Not into the whole hours-long excursion routine? We understand. That’s why we’ve planned many less-time-consuming activities in or around the host hotel. Whether your interests lie in live theater, painting, attending a tech seminar, or just hanging around with the the Cadillac Queens, we’re sure you’ll be entertained. Check on each day’s activities and tours by visiting the Schedule page of this website.

Use the drop down menu under the “Tours” button to navigate to the tours that interest you. The menu on the left side of this page may work better, depending on your device.

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