Your 2020 Team

Grand National events just don’t happen by themselves. It takes a team of dedicated professionals (or a bunch of guys and gals with old cars) to plan and execute the week’s activities. Let me assure you this team is working hard to provide you with the best GN experience possible.

Co-Chairs John and Mita Hoagland. John is man of few words, so be brief. If you like to chat, contact Mita. or 816-415-2170
Logistics, and Swap Meet Coordinator Steve Christensen. If you can’t find it, it’s probably in Steve’s garage. or 913-940-8555
Security Coordinator Doug Redman. Join this team, and use the cool night-vision goggles.
Treasurer Paul Williamson. The original “Mr. Check-is-in-the-Mail”
IT Guru, and Driving Tour Leader Rich Gibbs. Always remember to look before you “backup”.
Webmaster, Field Judge, and Seminar Coordinator Tom Keegan 816-561-1361
Advertising and Marketing Guy Teel. Guy has more stories than a skyscraper.
Tours, Meetings, and Banquet Marsha Redman. The original Caddy Queen or 816-213-7660

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